Machines and Precision Systems
for Metal Workers and HVAC Fabrication

For over 20 years we have specialized in the manufacturing of machines, controls and software for metal workers and especially the HVAC manufacturing. We manufacture our own machines, control systems and design our own software - assuring that all components operate together to give you an industry proven system. Whether it be our knowledgeable sales force guiding you through the sales process, our experienced and professional technicians training you on site, or our in-house team supporting you after the sale, quality products and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Efficient Manufacturing - simple and intuitive to operate!

Our innovative system for the HVAC manufacturers provides a complete solution to meet all your needs: Your customers enter their orders offline using our viaDuct-3D Customer Version and transmit their orders via internet or e-mail directly into your viaDuct-3D Factory Version which then generates the CAD data and nests the parts for your production machines and prints reports and labels as required. Our machines, e.g. plasmaWASP or varioFormer, can directly load the CAD data via your internal network. Produced parts being loaded for shipment can be scanned to assure a complete shipment and delivery slips and invoices can then automatically be printed.

Some of our innovative products are:

  • plasmaWASP - the fastest plasma cutting system with text marking feature
  • varioFormer - pleater, shear and folder, all in one machine saving floor footprint
  • viaDuct-3D - a complete software solution especially for HVAC manufacturing

Industry proven reliability and highest quality!

While others boast having large service teams, we excel in the fact that ours machines have an availability 99% and better. Integrated service functions and diagnostics, as well as modular components guarantee minimal downtime in the rare event of a failure!